A little bit of link love

I’ve been following a number of blogs now, for some time. From time to time I’ve noticed that bloggers share stuff. Which I think is pretty cool – sharing, not stealing. One particular blog I follow is iHanna’s blog. Hanna is one of the most inspiring and motivated creative people I’ve ‘met’! She is responsible for the iHanna postcard swap I have been involved in … Continue reading A little bit of link love

Postcard Swaps for 2013

Last year I participated in two world wide postcard swaps. It was such good fun! So this year I am doing them again. Only better! The first one is iHannah’s Postcard Swap 2013 and the second is Liberate your art 2013 from Kat Sloma. I really appreciate these two ladies doing their thing to promote and encourage creativity. It feeds our souls. Click on the … Continue reading Postcard Swaps for 2013

Artwork update

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post and that’s not good. But there has been a lot of things going on, including artwork. And that’s very good! The inspiration for my most recent art came from an unexpected source. Whilst holidaying with family we spent lovely times sitting around a beautiful outdoor table with a glass top. As I use a piece … Continue reading Artwork update

iPad painting

Recently I had a birthday! And what a great day it was. Made very special by those around me who showed me great love and showered me with many gifts. One imaginative and thoughtful gift was a brush stylus for the iPad. Who knew I would love it so much! Here’s what I’ve created so far, using the Nomadbrush and the Procreate app.     … Continue reading iPad painting

Fun things to try at home

I am all for trying new things! I get quite excited and inspired when watching artists doing their thing. So much so that I usually want to try out what they are doing myself. It really only relates to safe things though…like cooking, drawing, sewing, painting etc. Not things like bungee jumping or running a marathon! Maybe that will come later?

Anyhow part of me being able to try new stuff is to have what’s required to do the trying around me. It’s a little tricky try out encaustic painting without the required tools – but don’t worry, I found a class and tried it out! Now I am hooked!

But I keep digressing. The main point I wanted to bring to today’s post is that there are a heap of things around us that we can use in art journalling and other types of art making. Continue reading “Fun things to try at home”

Art journalling

I recently had the privilege of sharing the process of art journalling at a new local event called CraftFest. I was both nervous and excited to be able to present my creative findings to a group of about 30 interested ladies. I really enjoyed getting ideas together and seeing other people becoming inspired as I was able to show them some ways of being creative in a non threatening and personal way.

Continue reading “Art journalling”