International Post Card Swap and sunshine!

After a flurry of creative activity throughout the summer holidays things have slowed down considerably. My creativity has needed to be focussed on school lessons.  It’s not bad just a different creative. I do really enjoy planning and preparing lessons – dreaming up arty possibilities for my students. The best thing is though, I began some creative pursuits that have followed me into the new year without too much effort.

One of those is the International Post Card Swap version 5 .

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Art journaling

A few weeks ago I came across this beautiful book about art journaling. I have been browsing though it on and off today and thought why not share it here on my blog? “The decorated journal” by Gwen Diehn. It doesn’t appear to be a new book but it was only published in 2005. It covers many different aspects of visual journaling including materials, techniques … Continue reading Art journaling

What inspires you?

Inspiration is a funny thing, don’t you think? Sometimes you just know something has clicked and sometimes it takes a little more pondering. And then of course there’s the matter of using that inspiration as the basis for something creative. In teaching VCE Studio arts discovering and using inspiration is an important aspect. Students are required to source their own avenues of inspiration and demonstrate … Continue reading What inspires you?

Happy Mother’s day and food for thought…

A lovely day spent with family and afternoon tea with Mum! Creativity expressed in different ways today. But I know not everyone gets to have a special day like I have just had. Our church has been following some Australians in Bali who are on death row for drug smuggling. It’s a confronting issue and one that should not be ignored. Here’s a link to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s day and food for thought…

More link love

I know it’s May and Daisy Yellow’s link love project was for April, but I felt that because I had only one link love post in April I ought to do one for May. ( And then I discovered Tammy is continuing her mission through May – Hooray!) After all there are so many inspiring Artists and Crafts people blogging their creative life, who willingly share thoughts and ideas – why not keep the creative circle going?!Share the link love

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A little bit of link love

I’ve been following a number of blogs now, for some time. From time to time I’ve noticed that bloggers share stuff. Which I think is pretty cool – sharing, not stealing. One particular blog I follow is iHanna’s blog. Hanna is one of the most inspiring and motivated creative people I’ve ‘met’! She is responsible for the iHanna postcard swap I have been involved in … Continue reading A little bit of link love

Postcard Swaps for 2013

Last year I participated in two world wide postcard swaps. It was such good fun! So this year I am doing them again. Only better! The first one is iHannah’s Postcard Swap 2013 and the second is Liberate your art 2013 from Kat Sloma. I really appreciate these two ladies doing their thing to promote and encourage creativity. It feeds our souls. Click on the … Continue reading Postcard Swaps for 2013

Artwork update

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post and that’s not good. But there has been a lot of things going on, including artwork. And that’s very good! The inspiration for my most recent art came from an unexpected source. Whilst holidaying with family we spent lovely times sitting around a beautiful outdoor table with a glass top. As I use a piece … Continue reading Artwork update