Collagraph Printing

This week I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop all about Collagraph printing. I have done a little bit of basic collagraph printing but was eager to find out more. The basic technique I incorporate into my school program consists of using heavy card and cutting out shapes in more heavy card and pasting it down into a design or animal shape. It’s been … Continue reading Collagraph Printing

Top Arts student exhibition

Right now, at this very moment there is an exhibition in Melbourne called Top arts. It shows a selection of secondary  students’ final year’s artwork. It is simply brilliant. If you’re in Melbourne go see it! I was fortunate to take a group of my own students to see this exhibition recently. Continue reading “Top Arts student exhibition”

Fun things to try at home

I am all for trying new things! I get quite excited and inspired when watching artists doing their thing. So much so that I usually want to try out what they are doing myself. It really only relates to safe things though…like cooking, drawing, sewing, painting etc. Not things like bungee jumping or running a marathon! Maybe that will come later?

Anyhow part of me being able to try new stuff is to have what’s required to do the trying around me. It’s a little tricky try out encaustic painting without the required tools – but don’t worry, I found a class and tried it out! Now I am hooked!

But I keep digressing. The main point I wanted to bring to today’s post is that there are a heap of things around us that we can use in art journalling and other types of art making. Continue reading “Fun things to try at home”

Art journalling

I recently had the privilege of sharing the process of art journalling at a new local event called CraftFest. I was both nervous and excited to be able to present my creative findings to a group of about 30 interested ladies. I really enjoyed getting ideas together and seeing other people becoming inspired as I was able to show them some ways of being creative in a non threatening and personal way.

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Constantly creative

Yes, I’m back. After an extended blog break that I never really intended to have. Life just got in the way! It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, it’s that things just kept happening to keep me away. And yes it is about priorities. But I have missed my weekly posts. They get my brain juices going and somehow help me evaluate this creative life that I desperately want to flow in. To be constantly creative.

So, I have been thinking about what to bring to this post, especially when I am trying to make it about artyjenniep rather than a whole load of other bits and pieces. But the fact is, this last few weeks my art has been about others. There has been a whole load of creativity going on and I am so pleased to say that I have helped facilitate it. That is a thrill. Being part of others getting creative. Constantly creative. Continue reading “Constantly creative”

things with photos

This term at school has seen the students engaging with digital media to create artworks. Basically they have taken photographs and manipulated them using photoshop, iPhoto or iPad apps. The theme has been ‘urban landscape’ and it has been so exciting to see a variety of responses. The task was set to manipulate the photos to emphasise the elements of art, that is, Line, Shape, Colour, Line etc. being mindful of the important part that the principles of design play. (Rhythm, contrast, focal point etc)

Having reach the end of that challenge I thought it would be good to challenge the students further to use their images in other ways. So this weekend I have thoroughly enjoyed gathering together some transfer techniques, collage ideas and other ways to use photographs.

A selection of ideas
A selection of ideas

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Great ideas to get drawing

This week I have been contemplating how to get my senior students drawing more. Not just drawing but enjoying the drawing process and being artistically fed by drawing. No easy feat with the pressures of the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education – last 2 years of secondary schooling), part time work and of course the socialising that ‘has to go on or else I won’t survive’. I think back to my own life at this time and I believe it was the same for me, and I am smiling. Nevertheless, it has now become my job to inspire, encourage and teach, and part of that is to enthuse the students about the value and importance of just plain drawing.

As I have been thinking about this aspect of art/school life I’ve come across some great ideas that, if persevered with, will enable the drawing and creative process.

Still life in charcoal by Year 10 student, 2010

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