Collagraph Printing

This week I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop all about Collagraph printing. I have done a little bit of basic collagraph printing but was eager to find out more. The basic technique I incorporate into my school program consists of using heavy card and cutting out shapes in more heavy card and pasting it down into a design or animal shape. It’s been … Continue reading Collagraph Printing

A look in the book

This week I had an inking to paint, but of course like a lot of weeks, time doesn’t allow for extravagant moments to indulge in massive and involved work. It’s at moments like this that my sketchbook is my best friend! So here’s what’s been happening. I’ve been influenced by Jane Davies who makes amazing abstract, shape filled, colourful collages and paintings. Check her out – … Continue reading A look in the book

Artwork update

I keep coming back to some large monotypes that I made during the Christmas holidays. Initially I wasn’t too pleased with them but I love the idea of turning something not so good into something else. Sometimes the something else doesn’t always work but it’s always fun to try. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Continue reading “Artwork update”

Artwork update

I’ve had two of my large prints blue-tacked to our hallway wall for a number of days now, just so I could ‘live’ with them for a bit. It’s prompted me to add a little further to last week’s update. Particularly to share the process I usually take. It was great fun and I really want to have another go. I will also post images … Continue reading Artwork update

Artwork update

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post and that’s not good. But there has been a lot of things going on, including artwork. And that’s very good! The inspiration for my most recent art came from an unexpected source. Whilst holidaying with family we spent lovely times sitting around a beautiful outdoor table with a glass top. As I use a piece … Continue reading Artwork update