A little bit more link love

Daisy Yellow is continuing her Link love mission and I am continuing to join her. There are so many amazing people doing so many amazing things, why wouldn’t you want to know about them? I also think it’s a great idea because sharing is fun. Sharing is encouraging. Sharing helps us grow. I receive so much encouragement and inspiration from the blogs I read and … Continue reading A little bit more link love

More link love

I know it’s May and Daisy Yellow’s link love project was for April, but I felt that because I had only one link love post in April I ought to do one for May. ( And then I discovered Tammy is continuing her mission through May – Hooray!) After all there are so many inspiring Artists and Crafts people blogging their creative life, who willingly share thoughts and ideas – why not keep the creative circle going?!Share the link love

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A little bit of link love

I’ve been following a number of blogs now, for some time. From time to time I’ve noticed that bloggers share stuff. Which I think is pretty cool – sharing, not stealing. One particular blog I follow is iHanna’s blog. Hanna is one of the most inspiring and motivated creative people I’ve ‘met’! She is responsible for the iHanna postcard swap I have been involved in … Continue reading A little bit of link love