Turner Exhibition

In the last few weeks our family has been to our capital (Canberra) for a Soccer competition. Now, whilst I admit that the soccer was very good – I love watching our goalie son do his thing – and Canberra itself is a fascinating city, one of the highlights was being able to go to the National Gallery of Australia to see Turner from the Tate.  Continue reading “Turner Exhibition”

Recycled art journal page

This art journal is made up of old artworks that didn’t seem to be working, scrap papers, blotting paper and other such things. The page I decided to work on was originally one of those artworks…I made it using artist ink, oil pastels and liquid pencil. I quite like the resist process between the ink and the pastel. I began this page with a scraping … Continue reading Recycled art journal page

Happy colours are as good as putting on good music.

This week has been full of interesting things. On a world scale, things that shock and stun and leave one feeling almost helpless. On a personal level there have been some disappointing happenings and some of us in our family being ill. And it just seems to be dragging on forever. Sometimes I’m not sure how to deal with these things but I think most … Continue reading Happy colours are as good as putting on good music.

Drawing faces

This week I’ve been drawing faces in an attmept to develop a little stylised icon of my own. It is a return to something I started last year.  Turns out it’s not so easy. Well maybe for some…not me! But I have also been reading a new book – Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista. Continue reading “Drawing faces”