Postcard Swaps for 2013

Last year I participated in two world wide postcard swaps. It was such good fun! So this year I am doing them again. Only better! The first one is iHannah’s Postcard Swap 2013 and the second is Liberate your art 2013 from Kat Sloma. I really appreciate these two ladies doing their thing to promote and encourage creativity. It feeds our souls. Click on the … Continue reading Postcard Swaps for 2013

iHanna Postcard swap 2012

I have been trying to wait until all my 10 postcards arrived but time is passing and I still only have 8 to share with you. I can wait no longer. The Postcard swap was a brilliant things to do. What a treat to receive artworks from artists all round the world. And even more great to have some personal contact with some of those … Continue reading iHanna Postcard swap 2012

The postcards…they’re gone!

This last few weeks I’ve been involved in a postcard swap with other people around the world. I have mentioned this in a previous post and I’ve been so excited about it.  Somehow in my blog travels I came upon iHanna’s blog and discovered she was organising this project. Her artwork is fun and colourful and really inspiring. I love that she would want to … Continue reading The postcards…they’re gone!