iPad painting

Recently I had a birthday! And what a great day it was. Made very special by those around me who showed me great love and showered me with many gifts. One imaginative and thoughtful gift was a brush stylus for the iPad. Who knew I would love it so much! Here’s what I’ve created so far, using the Nomadbrush and the Procreate app.     … Continue reading iPad painting

an update on the old tricks

I thought I would play around a bit with some of the monotypes I was doing last weekend.

One of them was based loosely on leaf shapes but had no real connection. As the composition needed some work I thought it was a good opportunity to try out some media in ways I hadn’t used them before.

The media I really love is what I used – oil sticks, artists inks and shellac. Continue reading “an update on the old tricks”

The postcards…they’re gone!

This last few weeks I’ve been involved in a postcard swap with other people around the world. I have mentioned this in a previous post and I’ve been so excited about it.  Somehow in my blog travels I came upon iHanna’s blog and discovered she was organising this project. Her artwork is fun and colourful and really inspiring. I love that she would want to … Continue reading The postcards…they’re gone!

iPad apps of note (2)

I’ve got two for you this post. Sketchbook pro and Omnisketch. Sketchbook pro comes from the guys at Autodesk and also comes as a program for your laptop or desktop computer. There is also an app for the mobile phone too. It is a brilliant application for drawing, painting and designing. It is also possible to import photos and other images to play around with … Continue reading iPad apps of note (2)

iPad apps of note (1)

As previously mentioned I thought I would post my thoughts about some of the great apps I use on my iPad. I’m thinking there might be more than one post, perhaps several, so watch this space! And I haven’t even got started on iBooks Author yet. Now there’s one I’m really excited about. In the last post I listed a few apps I like, so … Continue reading iPad apps of note (1)

Sweet home Alabama, Tiffany’s and iPads

One of my favourite movies is “Sweet home Alabama” with Reese Witherspoon. It’s an easy film to watch with plenty of typical chick flick moments. I sat and watched some of it the other day whilst having a quiet moment to myself. I got to the part where Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) takes Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) into  an unknown and dark destination by a back door. When the lights go on, you realise they are in Tiffany’s. Ahh, so romantic. I had completely forgotten that scene from previously having watched the movie and so, in my typical idealistic thinking, I was breath taken and whisked away to somewhere make believe and magical.

Now, I know it’s a long shot but as I was thinking about this little moment I also started thinking about good things that surprise us or just make us smile. My iPad is like that. Perhaps it doesn’t whisk me away to somewhere magical but I did receive it for a milestone birthday and I really couldn’t believe I actually now owned one.

Continue reading “Sweet home Alabama, Tiffany’s and iPads”

Giving life to thoughts

Isn’t is amazing how our brains work? Something like 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day if you believe everything you read. Apparently a lot of these thoughts are said to be negative but I would like to believe otherwise. In fact I want my reality to be that my thoughts are mainly positive and a great deal creative! Like most things in life these ideals are a work in progress, she writes, smiling.

In actual fact I have been smiling a lot this week. It’s been a big and tiring week as school went back after a great summer holiday. But as I finished up my first year 12 lesson I was smiling. Very pleased indeed. I have the privilege of teaching a lovely group this year who are thoughtful, creative and mature. As they have worked on their exploration proposals over the holidays they have cemented their thoughts and directions for their artwork for 2012. During the lesson I encouraged them to speak about these ideas and so a great discussion and exploration ensued. We meandered through themes, subject matter, media and occasionally wandered of into the world of “teenagerness”. It was a brainstorming session, a development session and a brilliant time of clarifying progress. Continue reading “Giving life to thoughts”