Creative adventures – Christmas decorations

I don’t know about you but I love the times of the year when we can make things to represent and brighten up those things we celebrate. In our family, Christmas is one of those times. In my next Creative adventures post I want to tell you about Creative adventures 2, 3, 4 and 5 as they all revolve around Christmas celebrations. Again some of … Continue reading Creative adventures – Christmas decorations

Creative adventures – Wax luminaries

I saw this idea on Pinterest. I am usually only on Pinterest during holidays – it’s a relaxing thing to do. But this last term I used it to source out a number of ideas for our School activities week at the end of the year. I came across this idea and thought “that looks amazing, I wonder if I could do it?” So I … Continue reading Creative adventures – Wax luminaries

Collagraph Printing

This week I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop all about Collagraph printing. I have done a little bit of basic collagraph printing but was eager to find out more. The basic technique I incorporate into my school program consists of using heavy card and cutting out shapes in more heavy card and pasting it down into a design or animal shape. It’s been … Continue reading Collagraph Printing

Book making and Youtube

I’ve been thinking about making a little video for a long time. I’ve not really wanted to film myself but I have to admit I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea. (I’ve been watching my gorgeous girl make iMovie trailers all week and it looks really fun!) I thought perhaps the best way to ease myself into the world of video was … Continue reading Book making and Youtube

things with photos

This term at school has seen the students engaging with digital media to create artworks. Basically they have taken photographs and manipulated them using photoshop, iPhoto or iPad apps. The theme has been ‘urban landscape’ and it has been so exciting to see a variety of responses. The task was set to manipulate the photos to emphasise the elements of art, that is, Line, Shape, Colour, Line etc. being mindful of the important part that the principles of design play. (Rhythm, contrast, focal point etc)

Having reach the end of that challenge I thought it would be good to challenge the students further to use their images in other ways. So this weekend I have thoroughly enjoyed gathering together some transfer techniques, collage ideas and other ways to use photographs.

A selection of ideas
A selection of ideas

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And still more faces, challenges and a new artist.

This week one of my students challenged me, yet again! I’m sure they didn’t mean to but I found myself faced with another new artist that I had not heard of and who’s techniques I was not too familiar with. But not to be daunted…after all my “word” for 2012 is VENTURE…I rose to the challenge, armed myself with more drawings of faces and investigated her inquiries thoroughly!  Continue reading “And still more faces, challenges and a new artist.”

Faces – a new challenge

Somehow this term much of my secondary planning has the students drawing faces.

The middle school elective is all about the figure – proportions, methods to help them draw people more easily, the figure in movement and portraying emotion through our expressions. Challenging – yes. Fun – for sure. Well, for most of us.

It just so happens that the Unit 1 VCE students begin their studies by looking at faces and the figure too. Definitely a challenge for many. These are all students with an incredible ability to draw, to draw what they see and to do it amazingly well. As opposed to what they think they see – those symbols they’ve developed in their brains for how the world around them works. [See here and here for where that idea comes from. I read Betty Edwards book “Drawing on the right side of the brain” – fascinating.] Having said all that, it has been both a challenge and an adventure for all of us to improve the way we create drawings of people.

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iPad apps of note (2)

I’ve got two for you this post. Sketchbook pro and Omnisketch. Sketchbook pro comes from the guys at Autodesk and also comes as a program for your laptop or desktop computer. There is also an app for the mobile phone too. It is a brilliant application for drawing, painting and designing. It is also possible to import photos and other images to play around with … Continue reading iPad apps of note (2)

iPad apps of note (1)

As previously mentioned I thought I would post my thoughts about some of the great apps I use on my iPad. I’m thinking there might be more than one post, perhaps several, so watch this space! And I haven’t even got started on iBooks Author yet. Now there’s one I’m really excited about. In the last post I listed a few apps I like, so … Continue reading iPad apps of note (1)