Turner Exhibition

In the last few weeks our family has been to our capital (Canberra) for a Soccer competition. Now, whilst I admit that the soccer was very good – I love watching our goalie son do his thing – and Canberra itself is a fascinating city, one of the highlights was being able to go to the National Gallery of Australia to see Turner from the Tate.  Continue reading “Turner Exhibition”

Top Arts student exhibition

Right now, at this very moment there is an exhibition in Melbourne called Top arts. It shows a selection of secondary  students’ final year’s artwork. It is simply brilliant. If you’re in Melbourne go see it! I was fortunate to take a group of my own students to see this exhibition recently. Continue reading “Top Arts student exhibition”

What good is dust, really?

I was reaching down behind my bed the other day, to plug in my electric blanket (yes, already but I was really cold) and discovered a whole new world of dust and cobwebs. Gross. Completely disgusting. How does it build up so quickly? Anyway I promptly got out the hoover (well, dsyon) and eradicated that new world…apologies to dust mites. In the course of doing this act of housework I began to think about how much I dislike dust. A lot. In fact my motto growing up was “I wish someone would invent a dust free house”. In fact Ive been known to lament that many times over recent years. Please someone, invent a dust free house!

What on earth is dust good for anyway? I was asking myself this question. And found that I answered myself too. No, I am not going crazy, because I was reminded of an installation our family were privileged to view a couple of years ago. Continue reading “What good is dust, really?”

Artistic tension…can I, can’t I?

Having just returned from collecting some work from an inner city gallery called bsg (Brunswick Street Gallery), I am finding myself questioning the worth of such an adventure. Was it really good enough to show, can I really do this art stuff etc.? – the artistic tension! It’s that balance between knowing that you do have some artistic talent (yes I can do this) and knowing that there is so much more to do and know. Having said that, it was pretty exciting walking into the gallery and seeing my artwork right there!

Work on display
artwork at the bsg

Continue reading “Artistic tension…can I, can’t I?”