the inner critic

Having got to the end of the week and looking back over what it was, it is nice to see some progress. I’ve been thinking about what art making is actually about. It seems to me that a lot of what it’s about is being comfortable with yourself and how you make art; or else being so compelled by having to make art or get a message communicated that you ignore the feelings of insecurity and  do it anyway.

Fruit drawings in arcframe app

There are a lot things written about the inner critic – those thoughts you have about your work that make you hesitate to do something. Whilst it is not fun, It encourages me that I am not the only one who deals with this. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to ignore these thoughts is to just get on with it – the art making, the writing, the exercise, music making. Work out ways to do a little bit often which will hopefully lead to the bigger picture. Continue reading “the inner critic”

Great ideas to get drawing

This week I have been contemplating how to get my senior students drawing more. Not just drawing but enjoying the drawing process and being artistically fed by drawing. No easy feat with the pressures of the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education – last 2 years of secondary schooling), part time work and of course the socialising that ‘has to go on or else I won’t survive’. I think back to my own life at this time and I believe it was the same for me, and I am smiling. Nevertheless, it has now become my job to inspire, encourage and teach, and part of that is to enthuse the students about the value and importance of just plain drawing.

As I have been thinking about this aspect of art/school life I’ve come across some great ideas that, if persevered with, will enable the drawing and creative process.

Still life in charcoal by Year 10 student, 2010

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