Creative adventures – 2013 Art journals

My aim this year was to use up all the pages in my art journal. And I just about made it. I think there are 2 pages left. That’s a pretty good effort I reckon. Here’s few snapshots of some favourite pages from the year: There is a bit of a theme – circles and bright colours. Random scribbling and exploring creativity. I’m thinking this … Continue reading Creative adventures – 2013 Art journals

Drawing faces

This week I’ve been drawing faces in an attmept to develop a little stylised icon of my own. It is a return to something I started last year.  Turns out it’s not so easy. Well maybe for some…not me! But I have also been reading a new book – Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista. Continue reading “Drawing faces”

iPad painting

Recently I had a birthday! And what a great day it was. Made very special by those around me who showed me great love and showered me with many gifts. One imaginative and thoughtful gift was a brush stylus for the iPad. Who knew I would love it so much! Here’s what I’ve created so far, using the Nomadbrush and the Procreate app.     … Continue reading iPad painting

Sketchbook challenge update

Earlier this year I began to challenge myself to draw more, make more time for my art and generally to feed my creative soul. This may well be somewhat indulgent but if you want to get better at something you have to practice! One of the things I have been doing to assist this challenge is following the blog called the Sketchbook Challenge 2012. Continue reading “Sketchbook challenge update”

A word theme, subject and media…decisions decisions…

I have now established, at least within my own mind, how I am going to approach this year (that is, I am on a venture to attempt and have a go at things) I thought it was time to address the issue of a theme/subject and use  media in my artwork. I look at it this way because of my teaching background. In VCE Studio Arts, students are encouraged to come up with a theme and media for the year, that they wish to explore. They then have to articulate where they are going to go with that theme in a 2-3 page written document. I decided one year, to approach my own artwork in that way and I guess it has just stuck. Although I am a bit more meandering that I was.  Continue reading “A word theme, subject and media…decisions decisions…”

What’s in a word?

I like to start each new year with a new visual diary. And I like to start each visual diary with a new theme. And I like that theme to be new and different from the previous year. This year I’ve thinking about what word or theme would sum up where I’m going – or where I think I’m going. Ive been prompted to think more more about this by some of the New Year’s blog posts I’ve been reading. Have a read of Lyric’s post. Along with that, Diana Trout’s blog post about balance is great too.

I was thinking that it would be the year to try, have a go and attempt that which I’ve not done before. Whether from fear, busy-ness or procrastination. Those words don’t feel very theme-ish or solid. You know, one to base a year’s goals and achievements on, but the basic premise is good, I think. This idea was prompted by a quote I read around the beginning of the year.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

Continue reading “What’s in a word?”

A new year…new intentions…

Ah well, maybe not new intentions just a refreshing of the old ones. I do feel I have gone into the new year with greater determination. Holidays are wonderful things. It is so easy to forget the ritual of everyday school and housewife life and indulge in the things I love. Now to incorporate all of that in some creative and thoughtful way. In other … Continue reading A new year…new intentions…