Creative adventures – post card swaps

In my series for the summer holidays I have been talking about my creative adventures. It seems as though school broke up and my creativity broke free. It has been so good to make things, explore ideas, share creativity and be relaxed about it. I have even fitted in some planning for the school year. But my creative adventure of this post is all about … Continue reading Creative adventures – post card swaps

Creative adventures – art journals

Just before New Years I decided I needed a new journal for the new year. As I love booking making and all things artist’s books I decided I would make my journal for 2014. There was also no way I was going to the shops between Christmas and New Year’s Eve so I really had to make my own. (I love a sale as much … Continue reading Creative adventures – art journals

Creative adventures – Christmas decorations

I don’t know about you but I love the times of the year when we can make things to represent and brighten up those things we celebrate. In our family, Christmas is one of those times. In my next Creative adventures post I want to tell you about Creative adventures 2, 3, 4 and 5 as they all revolve around Christmas celebrations. Again some of … Continue reading Creative adventures – Christmas decorations

Creative adventures – 2013 Art journals

My aim this year was to use up all the pages in my art journal. And I just about made it. I think there are 2 pages left. That’s a pretty good effort I reckon. Here’s few snapshots of some favourite pages from the year: There is a bit of a theme – circles and bright colours. Random scribbling and exploring creativity. I’m thinking this … Continue reading Creative adventures – 2013 Art journals

Creative adventures – Wax luminaries

I saw this idea on Pinterest. I am usually only on Pinterest during holidays – it’s a relaxing thing to do. But this last term I used it to source out a number of ideas for our School activities week at the end of the year. I came across this idea and thought “that looks amazing, I wonder if I could do it?” So I … Continue reading Creative adventures – Wax luminaries