Post card art – April’s cards

I am back at it again – more postcard art! There is something thrilling about making art for someone you don’t know…and someone you don’t know, somewhere around the world making art for you!

This is a Happy Art Swap by a lovely lady called Sandra Kaye. It is indeed a happy kind of a thing to do. I am loving this swap because it is an ongoing one. 4 cards per month are made and 4 cards per month are received. I am finding it much more manageable than the one off make 10 cards swap (although I really enjoy them too!)

Here the cards I made for the April swap. They are a collaged mixed media sketching kind of card. I tried to make them similar but different – so they are a series. Whoever receives one gets something unique that is part of the series.

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4

Scan 5


Here’s the lovely cards I received in return:



So many gifted and generous people around. Thank you for sharing, JP xx

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