Altered books

I love books! I love reading them, looking at them, altering them, making them. There is a little part of me that wishes we didn’t have “book technology” (you know ibooks, kindle books etc etc) but it’s not the part that is grateful that people are sending their preloved books to the charity shops for a quick declutter.

Some time ago I found a small board book of my children’s and decided to alter it. I didn’t get much further than a layer of gesso and a blue background. I got stuck with what to do next. Do I turn it into a sketch book or an art journal? Should it have one theme or should I just randomly decorate it?

So, you may ask, why have I gone a bought another board book to do the same thing with? I’m not so sure but I think I have more direction with this one. The reason I went looking for it was because I saw a massive atlas at my friends’ garage sale and thought what a wonderful altered art journal that would make. Did I buy it? Ah, no. (sad face) But someone else did. (Even sadder face). I will keep looking for a giant atlas because I think it will make a wonderful art journal.

In the mean time this board book about animals will keep me going. (Happy face!) I found it today at a Salvo shop for $2.50.


My direction for this altered book is more of an art journal with a collage focus…a bit like Teesha Moore or another wonderful artist I met recently called Kass Hall. Think bright colours, beautiful text and amazing altered imagery. My daughter and I met Kass at the recent Scrapbooking and Papercraft expo. I haven’t been to one of those shows in ages so I was quite keen to go along and catch up on the goings on. The best thing of the day was chatting to Kass about our Art teacher journeys. So inspiring. Look her up – she’s brilliant!

Well, back to my altered book – not much to show yet. Will keep you posted, JP

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