Artwork update

My artwork update involves something that has been on my heart for some time and allowed me to celebrate my passion for art. Recently I was given an amazing opportunity to paint in a very unusual situation.


And friend of mine, Karen Parsons, who is also an artist asked me what I thought about painting in a real life setting – namely in our church, during a service. I was so excited. I had heard and seen such things before but never really thought it could be me doing it. That was sometime last year.

About a month ago Karen came to me and said “Are you ready?” Was I? Yes and well yes and then again maybe not… I reckon if you think to much about the things you are passionate about the doubts too easily creep in. So I decided that that wasn’t going to happen, I was just going to enjoy the opportunity and be grateful.

We sat and planned a little over a latte and a chai. Our friendship developed and our artistic souls were feed. We were given the theme for the year – Refresh. We chatted though what that might mean and discussed what colours would represent that them. Further planning we did separately, each praying through how we might artistically express “Refresh”.  These paintings were going to be expressions of the moment and prophetic representations of the theme. We did also prepare our boards with gesso, gold leaf and texture.


I couldn’t believe how exhilarating the whole experience was. It was a spiritual experience. I now understand why people would use that phrase. Using our God given giftings in an environment where everyone was focussed on God in a personal way, was powerful. We could use our passion to express thoughts and feelings in a way that we had not done before.


It has taken me sometime to approach this post – I have taken some time to process the whole experience. I think I am mostly grateful. I think it allowed me to live something that I’ve only heard theories about – you know, using what you are good at for God, but we don’t always get to do that in a corporate setting or a worship sense. It was probably the fact that it was a corporate worship setting that made it so powerful. I also think it was wonderful to bring a part of the arts back to the Creator of the arts. I’m hoping it encouraged others to think about and use what they are good at to give others joy and to deepen their own relationship with God.

So, that’s my artwork update for now. It was an incredibly public yet very personal artistic experience. Have you been on that journey? Love to hear about it, JP.

Image courtesy of Karen via Facebook
Image courtesy of Karen via Facebook

4 thoughts on “Artwork update

  1. Hi Tonia,
    That is absolutely wonderful! I’m so glad for you. 😀 I have witnessed this a few times at Stairway Church and have really enjoyed the experience, to worship God with all your talents for the corporate church body is so special! I look forward to seeing & resding more! Congratulations!
    Kerrie xo

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