Creative adventures – Documented life project

Another creative adventure I have been on this summer holidays is the Documented life project. I found out about it through following the blog of one of the ladies who has started this project. It captured my attention because it combines calendar, journal and sketchbook all in one and it was designed around a Moleskine. And I love all those things! I do usually carry around a sketchbook, we do keep a family calendar and I have always thought it a great idea to journal little bits of life as and when they happen. Now I just have one place for all those things. I usually keep our family calendar at the end of the year just in case I  need to look back at what happened. Now I will have a creative arty documented calendar to keep at the end of the year.

Each week the ladies at Art to the 5th will publish a challenge for the week, to give a creative prompt for a page in the planner. So far the challenges have been draw or photograph your front door, incorporate a selfie on a page and include an envelope. Great ideas that don’t require too much but can be more involved if required. This idea will be helpful when life goes back to normal and there is not so much time for creative adventures. And to keep up there is a Facebook group to be part of if you wish. It’s been really encouraging to be part of.

Now, I was ever so keen to get going on this. I researched where to purchase my Moleskine planner and decided that the most cost effective option was the Book depository. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most time effective option. Three weeks later, still waiting. But I have done what I can. I have cut pages, bought Washi tape ($1 at Officeworks) and done the first two challenges. Boy, will it be exciting when the book actually arrives.

This is where I have got to so far:

Tabs for labelling the months
Tabs for labelling the months
This is home
This is home

I think this is going to be a fun idea. It’s not too late to join in with this creative adventure, check it out and let me know. JP

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