Creative adventures – post card swaps

In my series for the summer holidays I have been talking about my creative adventures. It seems as though school broke up and my creativity broke free. It has been so good to make things, explore ideas, share creativity and be relaxed about it. I have even fitted in some planning for the school year.

But my creative adventure of this post is all about Post card swaps. Oh I do love a good post card swap. I have missed a couple recently, which I was disappointed about but at the same time was really busy so perhaps I couldn’t have fitted them in. The mixed media postcards I have made this time are for the International Post Card swap version 5.0 over at Musings on Realities. 

Postcard Swap 5

Why do I do these swaps? Because I love to make art, in particular mixed media art. Because I love receiving art and snail mail. And because I really love the idea that perhaps my postcards might bring a smile to someone’s face as their art has brought to mine.

I have made my cards mostly all the same this year but each of them have a different word written on the front. My hope is that the word might mean something for the person who receives it. The colours I chose because they are my favourite and I have included flowers on them because flowers make me smile.

Here’s a little sample of them.




I started with a watercolour paper postcard and pasted down some geli plate printed deli paper. Over that I painted layers of paint and gesso, using stencils and brushes. I then drew a flower in sharpie marker, some with pattern and some decorated with gold sharpie. I really wanted to stitch on the postcards so I stuck down some lovely flower stickers and free hand stitched over them. The aim was to be a bit free and loose. The pink dots are stamped on using bubble wrap – it is so handy that bubble wrap. I sewed on a backing which I had loosely sprayed with green ink. The backing is a free printable designed by iHanna, who also does a post card swap a couple of times a year. In the negative space on each card I wrote the word with sharpie marker.



If you have ever thought of being involved in some kind of mail art swap and haven’t done it, please do. It does require a little bit of work – after all you’ll want to make something that you would want to receive. And there is a small financial outlay but it’s not too much. I am hoping that as I do more of these swaps I will make connections with people from around the world that might grow and be encouraging. I also just love looking through cards I have received amazed that someone would part with their art for me. That’s a pretty cool creative adventure. JP

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