Creative adventures – art journals

Just before New Years I decided I needed a new journal for the new year. As I love booking making and all things artist’s books I decided I would make my journal for 2014. There was also no way I was going to the shops between Christmas and New Year’s Eve so I really had to make my own. (I love a sale as much as the next girl but we kind of decided we needed family time with no shopping and no crowds). This is my journal that is a bit like a diary where I document thoughts and prayers throughout the year. As opposed to an art journal or the Documented Life project (coming soon).

I have books on book making and there are many tutorials on YouTube about book making and after a little browse through them I start on my journal. I folded 10 pieces of A4 cartridge in half and sewed them on my machine down the centre.

Folded and sewn pages

Then I went to work on the cover. It is made from two recycled manilla folders. I really like using these as they are a lovely base colour to work with. Two glued together makes the cover stronger.

The cover

My daughter drew the 2014 with gold sharpie and I thought it looked beautiful on the cover, along with some paper cloth I made last year.

The rest of the cover was a mixed media journey using stencils, spray ink, bituminous paint and gesso. There is always a point at which I think uh oh, I’ve wrecked it…but the key is to keep going, try something else, cover it with collage or gesso.

Stencil cirlces

Bituminous paint

Reomving gesso with baby wipes

I bound the pages using thin leather strapping, tying each signature individually. This left a decorative feature along the spine.Binding

Completed binding on spine


I am really thrilled with the finished product. I have used it everyday so far and it’s really nice to use too. Have you got your 2014 journals ready? Was that part of your creative adventure this year? Love to hear! JP

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