Creative adventures – Christmas decorations

I don’t know about you but I love the times of the year when we can make things to represent and brighten up those things we celebrate. In our family, Christmas is one of those times. In my next Creative adventures post I want to tell you about Creative adventures 2, 3, 4 and 5 as they all revolve around Christmas celebrations.

Again some of these ideas originated from wandering around Pinterest. Sometimes the ideas work, sometimes they don’t – I think I had a good degree of success with my Pinterest ideas this summer.

Creative adventure number 2 involved a wooden ladder my Dad gave me. It had been sitting in our garage calling out to be something interesting. When I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew what my ladder was destined to be. A quick coat of paint and a sort through decorations to find the ones that would look best was all it took. In then end I used my special glass baubles and it looked gorgeous. I didn’t really want to put it away at New Years.

Ladder tree

Glass bauble chandelier

As for Creative adventure number 3, I was invited to a Cookie swap. And was so excited. How cool to share my love of baking with others. And receive cookies in return. 5 Ladies and I got together at a friends place and chatted and swapped cookies. We each made 4 dozen of our chosen cookies. Brilliant. I decided to make Red velvet crinkle cookies because they seemed Christmassy and were very yummy! They have become the new family favourite.

Red velvet crinkle cookies

Creative adventure number 4: This is my Christmas wreath and table centre piece made from cuttings from a tree in our garden and dried orange pieces. I tied the bits of tree onto a foam ring with ribbon and strips of hessian. It was pretty makeshift but made us smile each time we came through the front door. Wreath

Wreath with oranges

My next little Creative adventures adventure (no. 5)  involved a pre christmas celebration with friend. My daughter and I spied these jars at our local $2 store and thought they would be fun for drinks at our get together. And they were. All it took was a hole drilled in the lid, some string and a label.

Mason jar drinks

As you can see it’s been quite a creative Christmas season. It has been great to get the family involved in my creative adventures. And wonderful to have you along for the journey too. What creative adventures have you been on lately? JP



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