Gelli plate printing

I was fortunate enough to receive two (yes two!) Gelli plate printing plates for my birthday this year. I have been hoping for one for quite a while now. My husband is so good to me!

Just this week there has been some room in life to have a bit of an experiment. Beautiful. Easy. Whilst I felt a bit nervous making prints initially they really did make mono printing easier. Way better than making my own from gelatine (although I do enjoy that process too). I found that while the organic gelatine process resulted in a gentle, light and delicate  print the actual gelatine plate itself was quite fragile and could only be used for a limited amount of time. Apart from that the technique is much the same.

I started off thinking I might print from leaves, but not having really got the process down pat I wasn’t so pleased with the results. I will try again at some point though.






Then I tried using some stencils. Firstly, I rolled out the acrylic then placed a stencil on top and rolled another acrylic layer over the stencil. I thought it would be interesting to see what happens to print from that…



It’s quite a pretty design and quite a pretty result. I think it would be quite good for a mixed media collaged background. It has also inspired me to draw and doodle using the resulting aesthetics – light coloured layers around a darker coloured design. I am also quite drawn to the all over decorative nature of the stencil. And it looks much better here than when I tried using it to spray inks onto another piece – but I digress, that’s nothing to do with Gelli plate printing.





On the whole I am quite pleased with my beginning Gelli plate experiments. These were done on artist’s greaseproof paper, which is a more robust alternative to tissue paper, but next time I will try heavier printing paper and see where that takes me.  Ooh, I can’t wait! JP

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