Artwork update

I thought it was about time for an Artwork update. Creativity has been a bit slow of late but there has been a little bit of studio time.

Is it just me or am I the only one who questions their artistic journey? Should I go this way, should I focus on just one style of work or just one medium? Is it ok to try new things (yes, of course!) and incorporate bits or other of those new things?

IMG_7101I’ve been working on this one piece for a few weeks now and today as I sat down to it I said to my husband, “I don’t know what to do next…what shall I do?” His response – “just keep going”. I laughed!



Anyway, I did keep going.

I’ve been working on paper because I finished my big canvas and haven’t been able to buy a new one. But somehow working on a different size or substrate throws me. I was trying to make an art journalling page, that I would normally work in sketch book on a large art sized piece of paper. And it just wasn’t working.



If it is one thing I have learned from all my art journalling and sketchbook practice it’s layer layer layer and try a different medium. So here you have it…



I got out my oil sticks and just layered, layered, layered! I got so into it I didn’t notice the fumes of the oil sticks and when I got up I was quite giddy. Must remember to open the window next time. I love how this looks in the photo. Because the oil stick is still wet it looks quite shimmery. I love the colours. My art practice has hope once more.



It’s another expression of hope. That figures a lot in my work. Without hope I think we are lost.

I am loving where my work is going at the moment. Long may it continue. Hope you’ve enjoyed my artwork update. What are you up to? Love to know. JP

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