Recycled art journal page

This art journal is made up of old artworks that didn’t seem to be working, scrap papers, blotting paper and other such things. The page I decided to work on was originally one of those artworks…I made it using artist ink, oil pastels and liquid pencil. I quite like the resist process between the ink and the pastel.



I began this page with a scraping of blue paint using an old iTunes card – I was pleased with the purple hue that came through from the layers of colours.


Next it was time for some abstract random shapes and brushstrokes using white and magenta acrylic paint. I really love the blending that happens when you don’t quite mix the colours or wash the brush between colours.


 The circles were made by placing a stencil on the wet-ish paint and rubbing some of the paint off with a baby wipe. This is a fascinating and clever process – you just have to make sure you don’t press too firmly on the stencil otherwise it will stick to your work.


Time for some collage! These collaged papers are made from paper I used to blot previous paintings.


And a layer of diluted gesso to tie it all together.


Finally some writing, hand drawn, some collaged flowers (that I had previously drawn) and a touch of yellow to lighten things up.


I created a bit of shadow on these flowers by sketching round them with a black charcoal pencil. I also enhanced their colour with pan pastels.


There you have it – my recent recycled art journal page – Live life to the full! Hope you are, JP

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