It’s finished


This is it! Every time I look at it I smile. I love the colours, the size, the random but purposeful marks. I see spring emerging. I see hope arising. I am sorry to go on but this is the kind of work I have dreamed of making. Finally I am here. Oh and I cannot wait to carry on.

I think this is how art making is meant to make one feel – alive, purposeful, joyful, satisfied. Perhaps not all at once. But this piece does.


I am engaged by the mixing of colours. The layering and blending that creates movement.


I am enveloped by the gestural shapes and textures that make me feel covered, safe.


I am inspired by the nature of the medium and application of paint that creates layer upon layer so I am forever mesmerised by what I find.

Does your artwork and the creation of it do that to you? Why do you make art? Are you encouraged, filled with joy, or satisfied in what you have communicated through it? I would love to hear from you. Have fun! JP


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