A little bit more link love

Daisy Yellow is continuing her Link love mission and I am continuing to join her. There are so many amazing people doing so many amazing things, why wouldn’t you want to know about them? I also think it’s a great idea because sharing is fun. Sharing is encouraging. Sharing helps us grow. I receive so much encouragement and inspiration from the blogs I read and I wanted to give some encouragement back by sharing them today. So, here goes:

Beth Morey writes an honest, creative blog. I love that she acknowledges her faith, that life has pain and creativity in the midst of all of that.

Art journalist is a great site for techniques, lettering for art journaling and other fun stuff.

Erin Leigh makes gentle, beautiful and touching art. The words of her blog have deep impact too. Very grateful for her sharing.

Mary Beth Shaw‘s current post has a link to a video about women making art. It’s fascinating and well worth a little look.

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Here’s the link to Daisy Yellow

Diane of Crafty Pod is hosting the link love mission this month, so check her out too! What fun. And I mean real fun!

There’s my 5 happy favourites this month. I hope you get some enjoyment from them. Feel free to share the link love too! JP

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