Happy colours are as good as putting on good music.

Happy colours

This week has been full of interesting things. On a world scale, things that shock and stun and leave one feeling almost helpless. On a personal level there have been some disappointing happenings and some of us in our family being ill. And it just seems to be dragging on forever. Sometimes I’m not sure how to deal with these things but I think most of the time I have to just keep going. Trust in the One who has brought us this far. Trust that He will take us on further.

I guess there are other ways to to keep on keeping on – counting blessings, writing down the good things of the day before (no matter how small), exercising, being creative, putting on good music.

Today I discovered that my colour choice makes a difference. As good as putting on good music. Maybe better.

This afternoon, even though I really was feeling rough, I sat down in my little art room and got out colours that always make me smile. Some that I have never used before – fluorescent pink for instance. That was my base. I would never had used it had it not been for Roben-Marie Smith who sent my mum a bright, happy piece of mail art. It was part of her 1:2 project. So thank you Roben-Marie!

fluorescent pinkI also love this picture because of all the paint that has gathered on the hinge of my journal. It feels like I’ve worked really hard in it and that it is well loved.

So this page began as “I need happy colours” and moved into happy shapes cut out from gelli plate printed papers. What better happy shapes than flowers?

Happy flowers

By the time I had nearly completed this page I had painted myself happy! Sometimes I work through the ‘stuff” with colours that fit my mood such as black and grey and red and that is quite cathartic too. But today needed to be a happy colour day. I still have more to do on this page, it will have a layer of gesso over it and some doodling, but for now, as it is, it is making me smile. Hope it makes you smile.

A happy page of happy colours

Imagine what would happen if I used happy colours and played happy music too!? JP

ps. Today I’m pondering Psalm 30:5 …sing your hearts out to God! Thank him…the nights of crying give way to days of laughter.

(my paraphrase)


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