Happy Mother’s day and food for thought…

A lovely day spent with family and afternoon tea with Mum! Creativity expressed in different ways today.


But I know not everyone gets to have a special day like I have just had.

Our church has been following some Australians in Bali who are on death row for drug smuggling. It’s a confronting issue and one that should not be ignored. Here’s a link to a story in the Australian newspaper, if you are interested. The thought that these mums are not having a lovely mother’s day because their sons are on death row is a thought that makes me quite uncomfortable. One day they may have to say goodbye to their children. And they don’t know when.

And here’s a link to Amnesty international so you too can sign the petition to call on the Australian Government to support Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in their appeal for clemency from the death penalty. These guys have acknowledged that they have done the wrong thing and they realize they need to reap the consequence of their actions and thus serve time in prison.  I know that it is a complex, emotional, political and controversial situation but isn’t there a place for mercy in this world?

Hope this is food for thought. Blessings on you today! JP


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