More link love

I know it’s May and Daisy Yellow’s link love project was for April, but I felt that because I had only one link love post in April I ought to do one for May. ( And then I discovered Tammy is continuing her mission through May – Hooray!) After all there are so many inspiring Artists and Crafts people blogging their creative life, who willingly share thoughts and ideas – why not keep the creative circle going?!Share the link love

Here are my favourites this week:

Alisa Burke – Art, creativity, fashion, family, life. A beautiful lady who embraces a beautiful life! Be inspired by her consistent sketchbook practice and the gorgeous place she calls home.

Beth Morey – I am so inspired by Beth’s way of doing life. She gives a sensitive and thoughtful view to the challenges we face and makes beautiful art along the way.

Ro Bruhn – An Aussie just like me! Making bright, colourful, meaningful art journals. Her jewellery is amazing too!

Jane Davenport – Jane is running an online class with Teesha Moore called ‘Mermaid’s circus’ and I must say it looks soooo fun! I really appreciate being encouraged to work in my own personal style and these two ladies do just that.

Bunny’s Girl – has a beautiful quote on her page from Henri Nouwen – “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.” I need that encouragement every now and then! And the collages found here are fun too.

There you have it, hope you have fun checking them out. Don’t forget to leave these creatives an encouraging comment as it’s always nice to get some feed back, don’t you think? JP



One thought on “More link love

  1. Jennie, Thank you for collaborating on the link-love mission in May! I love that when folks share links, they add a beautiful message about the blog and that message warms many hearts.

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