Drawing faces

This week I’ve been drawing faces in an attmept to develop a little stylised icon of my own. It is a return to something I started last year.  Turns out it’s not so easy. Well maybe for some…not me! But I have also been reading a new book – Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista. Traci makes some amazingly colourful mixed media work. Her style is often epitomised by what she calls her Glam girls. Her personal stylisation of a face. Check her out – she does some pretty cool stuff.

So, here’s what I’ve come up with so far… we will see where it goes. I am thinking I would quite like to incorporate some stylised faces into my mixed media collages. I think they might add a personal and perhaps emotional dimension to the work. As Traci says in her book – practice! One a day. Hey, that’s what I tell my students! Must be a good idea.





Pretty cute, I think. Very simple sketches made with fine sharpies and watercolours. I am going to continue to develop them in my little brown paper bag book.

I really do enjoy drawing faces. I am finding the challenge fun too. So I will keep drawing faces and we will see where it goes. What is your artistic challenge? Have you accepted it or shied away from it? I’m sure facing it will give further depth to your work. Go for it! JP




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