Anzac Day – a day to say thank you

Today is Anzac day here in Australia. As each year passes, the day of honour of those who went before us becomes more meaningful to me. Is it because I am getting older, is the world getting more crazy? I think it is perps I am gaining more understanding of the reality of what it was all about.

It certainly hit home yesterday during our school’s Remembrance service. Thinking about those soldiers who went to war. Many of them only boys who changed their ages to get into the army so they could fight for their country. 16 and 17 years old. That’s the age of the students I teach. Heavy sigh.

And I had never considered the sheer numbers of lives lost at Gallipoli that day – over 141, 000.

And all I can do is simply say thank you. I don’t completely understand the politics of war. I don’t want to advocate violence. And I certainly don’t want to create division among humanity because of those things.

But I do want to stop for a moment and say thank you for the sacrifice that these people and their families made. For them. For me. For us.

Can you spare a minute today to remember those in your life who have sacrificed to make a difference? JP

Let's remember and say thank you

We will remember them
We will remember them

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