Top Arts student exhibition

Right now, at this very moment there is an exhibition in Melbourne called Top arts. It shows a selection of secondary  students’ final year’s artwork. It is simply brilliant. If you’re in Melbourne go see it! I was fortunate to take a group of my own students to see this exhibition recently.

Why did I love it so much when it is a student exhibition? Because I love seeing young people being creative, using their natural talents and working hard to achieve something that will speak to others in many different ways.

Each artwork showed remarkable skill with their chosen media. Something to aspire to. And often something that might only be achieved by hard work – it’s inspiring to me!

The other reason I came away inspired was because of the ideas behind the artwork. These were many and varied from an intimate self portrait to an observation of the way language changes though cultures and times. The artwork shown seemed to be a successful demonstration of an artist looking for a unique ways to express a personal message.

Isn’t it interesting where inspiration comes from? What exhibitions have you been to recently? What have you taken away with you to inform your own work? Have fun along the way and maybe go see a student exhibition! JP

Click here for a link to the Top Arts Hub on the NGV website
Click here for a link to the Top Arts Hub on the NGV website

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