A little bit of link love

I’ve been following a number of blogs now, for some time. From time to time I’ve noticed that bloggers share stuff. Which I think is pretty cool – sharing, not stealing. One particular blog I follow is iHanna’s blog. Hanna is one of the most inspiring and motivated creative people I’ve ‘met’! She is responsible for the iHanna postcard swap I have been involved in recently (which I absolutely love). In the last little while Hanna wrote a blog about sharing links of blogs with others. It really made sense to me. Especially as I often read a blog and am encouraged or inspired by what I have read. What better way to say thank you (other than to say thank you – which is also important; we all love positive feedback) than to share the link with others.

So here are my links for the week, very inspiring and clever people just doing their thing:

Number ONE is iHanna, of course! I am especially inspired by her 365 collages project! Lots of link love there.

Share the link love

TWO: My next little bit of link love is for Tammy from Daisy Yellow. Tammy has started the “Share the link love” idea for April. Unfortunately I have only just caught on now but none the less I will do my bit!  Daisy Yellow is an inspiring site, especially if you love colour. Tammy has started a new creative prompt list for 2013 called Prompt6ix. Please check her out as she has some very creative ideas.

THREE: Kari Maxwell Kari’s blog is called Create Everyday. She is full of wise words and encouragement to be creative as much as positive. I love that her tagline includes the phrase “do whatever you do to feed your soul”. Post I have linked to is about finishing small projects, especially when the big ones seem insurmountable. Good advice, enjoy the read.

FOUR: The Kathryn Wheel is a beautiful blog. Kate Crane makes lovely collaged mixed media work that is a joy to see. Her latest blog starts off with a page of art journal doodles. Like her, I agree that art journalling and doodling stretches the creativity in us – we should all do it!

FIVEDiana Trout This post from Diana is just the one to keep an artist on track. She often addresses the ‘inner critic’ and shares ways to tame this critic. You know, the inner voice that questions your artistic intention and ability. Thanks Diana! Her own work is colourful, bright and very fun.

So that’s my link love for this week! So much fun. What blogs do you love? I would love to know, go on, share the love! JP

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7 thoughts on “A little bit of link love

  1. Awww, thank you Jennie! So glad you find inspiration and joy on my blog, that makes me happy. And I’m honored to be mention with all of these wonderful ladies. Thank you sweet one!

  2. What fun links! I’m a creative mom too and it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for working to spread the link-love to fellow bloggers, it’s a fun challenge and I am happy you’ve joined.

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