Book making and Youtube

I’ve been thinking about making a little video for a long time. I’ve not really wanted to film myself but I have to admit I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea. (I’ve been watching my gorgeous girl make iMovie trailers all week and it looks really fun!) I thought perhaps the best way to ease myself into the world of video was to get to terms with something like iMovie. So I used photos from my last little book making adventure and turned them into a short clip that, hopefully, shows something of the process that I went through, to make the book. I’d love for you to have a look, simply click on the image at the bottom of this post.

This was a pretty simple little book to put together. I use the covers of a book that I’ve had for ages and won’t use again. I have also been collecting brown paper bags for a while, as they are useful and I quite like them in place of using a plastic bag. These were relatively simple to cut into the right size for pages – I cut them 1cm less top and bottom than the covers. The whole book was bound together using a “Zutter” machine, which I received for Christmas. It’s a crafter’s book binding machine – I imagine any normal binding machine could do the trick, although I am not sure what weight of board a normal binding machine would punch.

I am really pleased with the end result and am looking forward to using it. I love the brown paper and I think it might be quite lovely to draw on, particularly with coloured pencils or with Pitt pens on a layer of gesso.

There will be updates on this little gem, stay tuned. JP

Brown paper bag book
Brown paper bag book

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