More cogs from the sketchbook

Another look in the sketchbook – still loving the cog stencil!

Red cogs

This page is full of all the goods things in art – texture and colour. The more I go on art making the more I realise what I am drawn to in an artwork. Can you guess? – Yep! Colour and texture. The contrast of the red and blue draw my eye back and back to the page. I love that the red cogs are veiled by an almost transparent layer of the blue paint. And then in not quite the centre there is a pop of yellow…just to give a spark of interest! The layers of colour and shapes all provide a texture that, to me, gives the page a depth and very tactile finish. (Although it is quite smooth to the touch)

Blue cogs

Again contrasting colours and a layered depth create interest for me in this page. The centre of the pages look like they could almost be a fence post on which an artwork has been made.

Still loving the cog stencil. Do you do that? Get fixated with some art thing? What would it be? Leave a comment and let me know. JP

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