It’s been a real peaceful and reflective Easter weekend. With enough time to hang round with family, eat roast lamb and play round in the sketchbook.

These are my reflections this weekend:


I think that Easter means lots of different things to the different people around the world. Pondering upon this has caused me to think about what it really means to me. I believe that the Cross gives hope. Hope that there is more to life than, well, just life. That there is someone who completely and utterly loves me (and everyone else!) that he gave up his life for us all. And Hope that love wins in the end!


I wanted to express the lightness that comes from understanding what really took place on the Cross. That Jesus died and rose again, for me – for all of us.  With a little help from my number one son, we came up with a colour scheme – His favourite colour of orange and mine, pink.

He is not here, He has risen!
He is not here, He has risen!

One of my favourite parts of the Easter story is when Mary goes to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus and found he wasn’t there – the angel told her “He is not here, He has risen!” Awesome!

Hope your Easter has been hope and joy filled, with lots of creativity too. JP


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