Another look in the book

This week there have been more experiments in the sketch book. Experiments with colour, collage and paint. And also with a stencil of cogs I discovered.

Kaiser Craft cog stencil

I am loving this! I think it’s because I have developed an obsession for circles. There is something therapeutic about drawing circle upon circle and marvelling at nearly getting a perfect one. I was wondering whether I will separate these later but at the moment I have just been using them as they are.

Mixed media cogs

This page has been layered with wrapping paper – the pink and white stripes have been slightly masked by a layer of pearl white acrylic. I also printed circles along the bottom using a hand carved eraser. Some of the coloured decorative lines have been made with Prisma colour pencils (ooh, they are beautiful to use – creamy…or should I say waxy…yummy none the less). As I was trying the stencil out I first tried using a roller and blue paint and then over that a spray ink in a dark colour.




close ups

Aren’t close ups fun? I think a whole bunch of postcard sized little artworks could be really lovely from this page. That is what working in a sketchbook does – spurs inspiration, allows for experimentation and feeds passion. It has also allowed me to play around with things I never thought I would. I have had trouble justifying in my mind, using a stencil designed and made by someone else. Now, I do think those designers are exceedingly clever and bought stencils are a wonderful resource. I have just always thought I wanted my work to be my work. It is an interesting thought, don’t you think?

I haven’t really come to any conclusion yet, so in the mean time I will continue to try out different ways with my new cog stencil. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and even see the work you are doing with stencils or other designed resources, please leave a comment.

Have a great week, JP


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