Another look in the book

I do love birthdays! I love presents and cake and laughter and the love that comes with birthdays in our family! But I also love birthdays because of the wrapping paper that we get to recycle. It is so good for collage and for backgrounds and for blotting painted areas and probably a hundred other things.

This week I’ve been using it as collage bits to break up colour and add pattern in my sketchbook playings.

wrapping paper collage closeup

This is a section using white tissue paper that has red dots on it. Tissue paper is great to use on top of other paint work because it is so sheer when glued. I think the red dots add a bit of interest to the page. And painting over it with a basic colour brings the different parts on the page together.

wrapping paper collage closeup

wrapping paper collage closeup

wrapping paper collage closeup

I also collaged torn up shapes from some blotting paper made in previous experiments. They are so useful for adding colour and shape to a page. Again they were unified by the basic shade of a top coat of acrylic paint. The last effect added was the grey ink (which looks almost black) in uneven lines and dots. I might had some hand drawn doodling to this page – depends on whether I can find a pen to work over the top of the other layers. If any one has a suggestion I would gladly receive it!

Until next time – I’ll be wondering what to do with these gorgeous papers… JP




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