A look in the book

This week I had an inking to paint, but of course like a lot of weeks, time doesn’t allow for extravagant moments to indulge in massive and involved work. It’s at moments like this that my sketchbook is my best friend!

So here’s what’s been happening.

sketchbook musings

I’ve been influenced by Jane Davies who makes amazing abstract, shape filled, colourful collages and paintings. Check her out – she’s lovely and inspirational.

close up

I chose colours that I thought might contrast and play off each other. I didn’t want to create something pretty but rather something bold. The page is layered and layered with colour and scraps of collaged left overs. The leaves are printed using a hand carved eraser. That’s fun too but it’s something for another day.

Cropped shot

It really is a lot of fun. It’s like eating chocolate in front of your favourite TV show – but without the calories. And I really do want to do more! JP

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