Artwork update

I keep coming back to some large monotypes that I made during the Christmas holidays. Initially I wasn’t too pleased with them but I love the idea of turning something not so good into something else. Sometimes the something else doesn’t always work but it’s always fun to try. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

On a couple of the prints I have made a start at adding colour to them by using Crayon d’arche Neocolours and inks. The Neocolours are lovely. Being a water colour crayon they are so smooth and forgiving, allowing for variation of tonal qualities and blending of colour. But more of that another day.

What I really wanted to mention was the the print on which I went a bit crazy with Atelier Interactive acrylic paints. They are beautiful; beautiful to work with because they are creamy and smooth and beautiful to look at because the finish is so vibrant and has a lovely sheen. They even look nice in the tubes!

Atelier interactives
I decided to start with the primaries, white and a pale lemon. My aim was to use the colour in keeping with the printed design. I didn’t really want to completely cover the black ink so initially I worked mainly over the white areas, working each colour into the previous one whilst the paint was still wet. I did end up painting over some parts of the black ink but I’m pleased with that beacause the ink is quite textured. The paint lightly brushed over this texture enhances the texture and causes it to become a an important design element, not just a bi-product of the printing technique.


I used a dry brush to apply the pale lemon in a random criss cross pattern. The other details added were strong red horizontal marks and drippy gold ink across the top. The final effect was blended shades of blues, mauves, lilacs and purples. Yummy!

Brushed lemon and drippy gold

It seems to me that there are layers of reflections and splashes through the work. They remind me of sunsets, the beach, the horizon and summer storms all at once. I love that as you look down the work there seems to be small vignettes of landscapes with silhouettes on the horizon, blended skylines and wispy clouds.

Reflections                         Reflections

I have lived with the work for a while – blu tacked to my hallway wall. Every time I look at it I see it differently. Most of the time I just love the colours. They make me smile.

Does your artwork make you smile? I hope it does. Even if you have a serious message to tell I hope you have  satisfaction that your aim has been achieved.  So, here’s to making something from something else, it working and smiling in the process! JP

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