Heart Art

I’ve been enamoured with hearts for as a long as I can remember. Primary school I think. I remember being quite thrilled back then about being able to draw what I thought was a perfect heart. It’s a bit like being able to draw a five pointed star all in one go or a near perfect circle. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, a few years ago now I decided that my next series of artworks would be based on the theme of hearts. Not a new theme but I was hoping my approach to it would be a bit different. I had varying degrees of success. And I am still passionate about hearts.

Most success came in the form of a little group of mixed media textile pieces, which I framed myself and sold for around $80 each. They each had a title based on the colour and design and were about 20cm square.

I write all this as introduction to my new venture. Whilst relaxing and reviewing the year during the summer holidays I decided to make some more of these little hearts. I will sell them via Etsy and so I have been excitedly creating little mixed media fabric hearts.

10 little hearts all in a row
10 little hearts all in a row
A Diptic image put together for Instagram
A Diptic image put together for Instagram


Once I get them framed I shall post photos – they look even better framed up. And I am still coming to terms with Etsy but am very excited to be heading in that direction. I’ll keep you updated, JP.



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