Artwork update

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post and that’s not good. But there has been a lot of things going on, including artwork. And that’s very good!

The inspiration for my most recent art came from an unexpected source. Whilst holidaying with family we spent lovely times sitting around a beautiful outdoor table with a glass top. As I use a piece of glass to make monotype prints, I couldn’t resist the idea of making a large monotype on my family’s table. Of course there were the logistics to consider, as I had never done a really big monotype before.


The weather, where to buy such a large piece of printmaking paper, what do I do with the print once it’s been pulled? How much would this all cost? How would I get the work back to Melbourne, in the car, with the Christmas gifts and other things? And of course, I would need to make more than one print!

With wonderful encouragement from family members all these things paled into insignificance once the paper and supplies had been purchased.

Me with my purchases
Me with my purchases

We found a great little art shop in Hornsby that was stocked full of exciting art bits and pieces. The lady who served us was so lovely. I picked up some Velin Arches, Canson Gravure and Canson Edition printmaking papers. It was really just a an experiment on a large scale so I chose papers that I thought might work; and the store didn’t have what I normally use (Fabriano Artistico) in the size I wanted.

It took a few days to decide to actually make the work – humidity is not fun to work in and often the table was being used for it’s true purpose. Apart from that I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about getting going. Normally I retreat to my little room at home and potter away, this was going to require stepping out on a new level.

The paper doesn't seem that big now
The paper doesn’t seem that big now


My usual way of working is a little random and very abstract but loosely based in the landscape. This type of mono printing seems to lend itself to the landscape, particularly the Australian Bush landscape. With this in mind I set about to create my abstract landscapes on a large scale. First I loosened up the block ink with some olive oil, to help with the spreading of the ink and it seems to give a glossy finish. As usual the first print wasn’t as good as I thought it should be but the subsequent prints were ok. All in all it was a fun experiment and I now have some large prints to work with further.

Here are some more photos of the process, more to come later.

IMG_7976 IMG_7977


It really was a fun thing to do and I am very grateful to my family who encouraged and facilitated the whole idea. Everyone should have someone who believes in them! Hope you do. JP

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