Art journalling

I recently had the privilege of sharing the process of art journalling at a new local event called CraftFest. I was both nervous and excited to be able to present my creative findings to a group of about 30 interested ladies. I really enjoyed getting ideas together and seeing other people becoming inspired as I was able to show them some ways of being creative in a non threatening and personal way.

It was a brilliant night. There were lovely devonshire teas and coffees, demonstrations of various art/crafty things and stall holders from the various craft markets around Melbourne selling gorgeous things. My mum bought me a beautiful necklace made of buttons – I wanted to wear it to bed, it is so lovely. I’d like to tell you who made it by I have misplaced the info at the moment.

I loved being involved in this event and being able to share creativity with others. I have a heart to inspire people to get in touch with their own creativity. I think there is so much benefit personally and corporately when people get creative – in whatever way that entails, not just in a visual art way.

In preparing for this demonstration I put together a journal page in a step by step process. I could really see the value of videoing the process as I created 6 repeated pages of the same thing to make swap outs of each step. I think it was of benefit too, to have an information sheet to give out to each person that came along.

I was quite pleased with the end result of my page and thought I would share it with you.

A blessed day

I am thinking that I could do a little more with the detail of this work – Pitt pen doodles and so forth – but for now I think I sums up how I felt about being so blessed by family and friends on my birthday recently. It also was great for trying out some new little techniques I hadn’t used before…but more about that another day!

I love that being involved in this event meant I could interact with others who also wanted to get creative. I love that being involved in Craftfest meant injecting joy into life. I love that being involved in something outside myself meant I also was encouraged and affirmed too!

What are you involved in that affirms you and others? Would love to hear about it and share the joy! JP


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