A day for inspiration

Well, what a beautiful sunny day it is, at the moment! Sun is shining, sky is blue. And it’s my birthday. Who would have thought I would be quite so excited about it at my age, but I am. I am enjoying being excited, happy and smiling. It’s a good thing.I was lavished with thoughtful and lovely gifts by my family. I hope everyone who is reading this has at least one person in their life who knows you well enough to give a gift that really touches your heart. There is nothing like the revelation that somebody knows you so well that a gift they would choose for you is something you would choose yourself. I have sat looking at the gifts and the wrapping and the sunshine and have felt so blessed. And inspired! Which has led me to the thought that it is indeed a day for inspiration!

All you need to do is take a look at the beautiful colours and patterns on the wrapping paper my family used.

Or how about the packaging of a lovely box of tea and the folds of some fabric used in lieu of paper.

Even some old books I want to turn into art journals makes me want to draw and fills me with pleasure.

I guess what has inspired my day the most are the cards my kids made. They are full of unique ideas and very special drawings to say “I love you mum”. What treasures are these children.

This pondering of lovely things has prompted me to think about what it is that makes me want to make art? What is it about something that sparks an idea? In this case it’s when I perceive beauty and joy. It’s when there’s a transference of something intangible that sets something off in my mind. It’s also when I see someone else doing what they should be doing – using their God-given creativity to do something lovely, or amazing or clever or thoughtful. It makes me want to do what I should be doing, because today is a day for inspiration! Have a good one. JP


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