Constantly creative

Yes, I’m back. After an extended blog break that I never really intended to have. Life just got in the way! It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, it’s that things just kept happening to keep me away. And yes it is about priorities. But I have missed my weekly posts. They get my brain juices going and somehow help me evaluate this creative life that I desperately want to flow in. To be constantly creative.

So, I have been thinking about what to bring to this post, especially when I am trying to make it about artyjenniep rather than a whole load of other bits and pieces. But the fact is, this last few weeks my art has been about others. There has been a whole load of creativity going on and I am so pleased to say that I have helped facilitate it. That is a thrill. Being part of others getting creative. Constantly creative.

Let me show you some of my students work. I am so impressed. We got to the end of this activity and I was wowed that they had created their own fabric. They didn’t have to go down to the local fabric store to buy something someone else had designed (although I love doing that), they actually had designed and printed their own fabric. So cool!

We have introduced a middle school Textiles elective this year and I have a bunch of enthusiastic and clever students who seem to be loving what we are doing. I have based this term’s unit on Kim Thittichai’s Experimental Textiles book. It has given me and the students freedom to explore ideas and mediums without being worried about the perfectness of the outcome. Skills can be honed along the way.

We did some design exercises to begin with, exploring shape and line. We then isolated different parts of these exercises using a viewfinder and used what we saw for an abstract pattern for a stamp. The students played around with coloured backgrounds and then translated all these ideas onto calico. We are going to use this new fabric that they have created to make iPad bags. The lining on the inside of the bags will be tie dyed. So exciting. And when we have finished it will be a reminder to the students how they can continue to be constantly creative.

I love the ways we can live in constant creativity. How are you living this out? JP

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