A sigh of relief

A lot of ‘stuff’ has been happening in our world this year. Some good. Quite a lot not so good. But this post isn’t about that. I’m sure that the good and the bad happens to everyone so I don’t want to focus there. Life happens, hey?

What this post is about is what happens in-between life happening. During my time of convalescence after the ‘great’ incident, I found myself with a strong desire to draw draw draw. I read posts about it, books about it and actually spent time doing it. Which, by the way, is the only way to get on with an artistic career. It’s fair to say, I was quite driven to draw. And I am still enthusiastic about it, it’s just that life has gotten in the way. Disciplining oneself to do the hard yards definitely takes more energy.

Until yesterday, when the energy ran out. 

Is it artist’s block, fickle feelings or just that’s the end of my creative genius. Who know’s? Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be successful with my art but I found that I was feeling ok, whenever that happens, it happens. Is it contentment?

I’m hoping it’s contentment. I’m hoping it’s my brain finally working out a way to get on with what I’m meant to do without the intense pressure of striving or performing.

Here is the result of my contentment – a sigh of relief – a great sigh of relief. I sat down in my little art room, got out my favourite media and went back to my intuition. The resulting images made me feel like I had come back to myself. Found my intuitive artistic voice. These are based on where I started this great artistic journey.

Let it grow
Hardly seen

I call them abstracted landscapes of life, because these works are all about colour, texture and mark making. They are the reflection of what life brings on a daily basis, translated into my own personal visual form. Another big sigh of relief.

The best part of these images is my GJWB’s (husband) reaction. It was as if he had breathed a sigh of relief too – “ah, she’s back.”

Having said all that, I am still on the drawing push, still trying my hand at new challenges and still love doodling in my sketch book/visual diary.

But as for my oeuvre…a sigh of relief. Why fight it? Just keep doing it better! JB


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