A creative life

I have just been doing a bit of blog hopping, reading up on some of my favourite artists. At the risk of using an overused word – I am inspired by them. From all my reading I gleaned that life for these artists is not a matter of ‘just because I can’ but rather ‘I can’t do life without’ a creative outlet. 

In years gone by I have been involved many forms of creative outlets – patchwork and quilting, embroidery, sewing, cooking and scrapbooking, just to name a few. I don’t think I could do life without some form of creativity being in it. Recently I pulled out my scrapbooking and remembered how much I loved it. I really got stuck into it when our children were small and it was an easy past time to be involved in, plus I had vey lovely subject matter. It provided so much joy to relive our family’s special moments. I think I shall pull it out more often.

But my creative life continues to be one made of many facets. Last weekend my daughter and I made a pair of really cute trousers for her, inspired by one of her favourite TV shows. This week I’ve whipping up stretch knit skirts based on one Mum bought me for my birthday last year. I’m really excited about them – $1.99 per metre for the fabric and a bit of time and effort. Voila!

Still, I hanker to get back to more art based creativity. As mentioned before I have a new found love for drawing. To slow myself down and focus on something beautiful to try capture the essence of it’s beauty is to find myself in my God space. That place where He who is bigger than me, and anything else for that matter, can speak into my soul and restore peace. My mere scribblings may be lacking sometimes (as in the drawings below – got a bit heavy handed with the purple ink) but the process and the restoration found far outway the end result. And eventually something is developed that is worthwhile, beautiful and even satisfying.

That’s why, I think, I have to live a creative life. It is my connection to my Maker. It builds a relationship that feeds my soul. Why do you life a creative life? What feeds your soul? Would love to hear. JP

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One thought on “A creative life

  1. Like you I need some form of creative outlet – just because life wouldn’t be right without it. I knit, cross stitch, paint, draw, scrapbook, photograph, make cakes, and generally have a lot of things that I can pick up and do at any time. I don’t think I can get through a day without something creative to do – it just wouldn’t feel right/doesn’t feel right! I am away on holidays right now (just checking in) and I am knitting and sketching and taking photos in between catching up with relatives and going out and about.

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