A good day for drawing

It’s been a grey old day here in Melbourne with constant drizzle. I didn’t mind that too much as the plan for the day was some Folio marking, sewing up a pair of lovely orange trousers for my daughter and then hopefully some drawing.

I am pleased to say, all was achieved. Hooray.

I found the image in a magazine recently and was so taken with the clarity and tones of the rose that I couldn’t help but keep it. Roses are one of my favourite flower and it was nice to focus on this especially as over the winter there are no roses in our garden. I am pleased with how it’s going but will work on it further. On another good day for drawing.

I am also enjoying working in a book format. I have a real interest in hand made books at the moment. This one is made from Fabriano Artistico 300gsm. It is beautiful paper and when I first put the book together it was just an experiment for a school activity. Once finished through, I thought it was so lovely I didn’t want to use for anything scrappy. So it has become my trial book for ideas I will turn into finished artworks. It is also making me be more careful and thoughtful with my drawings.

What has your day been like? Has it been a good day for drawing? I don’t think I need more rain at the moment but I am looking forward to another good drawing day myself. Will let you know how I get on. JP

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