An artwork update – enjoying the journey

Even though I’ve been out of action a couple of weeks, I have found a little bit of drawing has been quite restorative. This is a drawing from back in April but it has been inspiring me a great deal over the last month or so.

I’ve pondering this direction with my artwork. Lovely, detailed pencil drawing rendered with beautiful inks. I think the technique of being loose with the ink really lends itself to my style and process. I am enjoying the inks and also developing my drawing skills.

Drawing has a really mediative quality. I find that as I find myself relaxing into a drawing I become more relaxed. Sometimes it’s an effort to calm down but it’s well worth it, both for my mental state and the artistic outcome.

Sketches in watercolour
Large pencil drawing
Pencil drawing of Mother’s day flowers, ready for ink.
Trying out different inks.

I am really enjoying this direction at the moment. But I am also pondering how to bring everything I’ve been working on, in the last year or so, together. It’s an exciting process, and for once, I am enjoying the journey.

Hope you are too! JP


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