Creativity lives!

Wow, is that the time already? It sure does fly when you’re having fun. And I couldn’t let a Sunday go by without a post – even if it is Mother’s day. What a lovely day it has been. I have been celebrated as a mum and have celebrated my own mum. With a roast lamb lunch and a very relaxed afternoon.

Gorgeous specially chosen gifts


So here I am reflecting on the day and thinking that one of the best parts of the day was this morning, after the breakfast in bed had been brought and the presents opened. I snuggled back under the doona for just a moment and listened to my two kids sitting on the end of the bed, chatting silly chat and laughing away at what their imaginations conjured up. I love the memory even more because these imaginings prompted them to go find their sketch books and draw.

There they sat for half an hour or more, giggling, sketching, imagining, designing. Precious memories.

Clever creatures
Crazy fun imaginings


I apologise for being self indulgent here but it is so exciting to watch children express themselves uninhibited in a drawing. I hope it continues for a long time to come that that the creative muscles they are growing just keep getting stronger.

I hope your day has been full of surprising encouragement. And that somehow creativity lived in your world today. JP

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