All my own work

I wonder if one can ever truly say it’s ‘all my own work’. Who we are is influenced by the many interactions and experiences we face everyday. Sometimes it’s purely accidental and sometimes it’s by design. This week I attended a drawing workshop purely by design. I purposely went along in the hope that the interactions and experiences with an expert in this area would influence my own work. In a workshop atmosphere there is also the added bonus of the interactions and experiences of the other members of the class hopefully rubbing off on me too. We have so much to learn from each other. And it is such a lovely experience when someone is willing to teach something of what they know or have learned.

The workshop was titled “The art of pencil drawing with ink” and the tutor was a gorgeous lady named Sarah Gabriel. Her work is gently mesmerising, luring the viewer in with intricate pencil work and expertly applied colour in just the right places. Have a look at her amazing work here, it is what attracted me to this class in the first place.

We first came in contact with Sarah when we were on a holiday last year. We were wandering along window shopping and came across her gallery and shop in Piper Street. Once I had gone in, I really didn’t want to leave until I had gleaned all I could from what I saw there. Of course I was quite thrilled when notification came via email about workshops she was running.

I approached the day of the workshop with eager anticipation and then upon arrival felt a little fearful – a whole day of drawing. What had I got myself into? I love to draw and make and paint and sew but concentrated effort on drawing from real life with a pencil…

Pencil drawn wood chips

As it turned out, it was most fabulous! I have set myself a goal this year to challenge myself to go further with my work and to develop my skills to a higher level. Taking part in this workshop was a stepping stone (or a few stepping stones) on the path of this challenge. I am quite excited about my discoveries.

My final drawing of the day

On one level it is all my own work but on another level there have been contributions along the way by many people so the work becomes almost an artistic collaboration. These contributors are dear family members, complete strangers and those like Sarah Gabriel, who so generously share their knowledge, understanding and skill in a way that feeds the soul as well as growing the creativity.

Combining techniques learned with other ideas, at home
A pencil drawn hibiscus and collaged items
Trying out techniques learned with my own media

I really enjoyed heading home and settling down with new ideas and techniques to play with. I am so inspired – thank you Sarah Gabriel.

Who inspires you to create art? Who challenges your creativity? Let’s share the inpsiration.


3 thoughts on “All my own work

  1. Thank you for sharing your art, your work is lovely, and I truly appreciate “All my own work”. I too am an artist, and have to admit that it is a collaboration of experiences and exposure to other artist I have been exposed to. Good luck with your goal!!

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